Welcome.  Thank you for reading “The Stories of Trees,” a blog about roots and branches and lives that “leap greenly” but unfold slowly.  I’m Stacy.  For years I lived in the high desert of New Mexico, where trees are not taken for granted.  They are signs of nearby water; they offer the miracles of shade and shelter in an exposed landscape.  They are green respite in a world of browns and reds and grays.  I have come to love them for their capacity to endure and for the stories they tell of bending and adapting and slow, inexorable growth.  They are symbols to me of how to live bountifully when your circumstances do not allow you to take action at will, or to move forward on the plot line of your own story.  The ideas that unfold here take trees as their model. Please feel free to contact me at stacy.microcosm@gmail.com.

7 thoughts on “About

  1. A beautiful About for a beautiful blog. I’m grateful I discovered your writing — a fellow New Mexican by way of a delightful lady (Jean. P.) in Maine!


  2. Stacy, I’m not certain how to privately message you… Would you be willing and able to slowly and artfully write for the “Who but You?” living alone project this or next month (onward into infinity)? My email is powerofpaperzines@gmail.com Take care! –Kim


  3. My tiny garden is really too small for trees but we plant them in pots and they stay small. Would love the space to let them truly grow. Nice to hear it for trees on your blog – arrived before us and will probably outlive us!

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    1. A tree with room to spread out is like a first-thing-in-the-morning stretch to me—just luxurious. My garden is not tiny but smallish, so I tend to go for the “trees” that are really large shrubs in disguise.

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  4. We have trees in the lush Surrey hills where I live in England. So much woodland and forests and so many weeping willow trees standing by fresh flowing rivers. I sometimes take it for granted that a tree, rooted in its soil (seemingly going nowhere, ostensibly doing nothing) is rooted deep into soil and gives life, shade, even oxygen to myriad creatures from aphid to ambling woman (me!). Thank you for reminding me of the beauty and strength and generative power of trees. They may look as if they stand still, but they create more peace and eco-unity than most. I shall hug a tree thinking of you, Stacey, to show my appreciation. X

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    1. The steady, sturdy ecosystems of trees offer such peaceful relief from our animal world of fight or flight. We could learn a lot from their long cycles of growth in place, I suspect. I enjoy the openness of the desert, but I also envy you at least a few of those English trees, Jacque! (Not to mention the sheer opportunity to use the word lush unironically.) Thank you for hugging a tree in appreciation. I shall hug one of my overgrown shrubs, but it won’t quite be the same. xxx

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